Why is Gambling Considered to Be an Addiction?

Casino is one place that excites a lot of people. Many amongst all of us might have also come across some or the other TV shows that discuss the world of gambling. Las Vegas is one place which is considered to be the synonym of the casinos and gambling. This is because the entire exciting atmosphere, jazzy lights and the hope of winning a fat sum of money excites the players because for them it is nothing less than dreams come true. But then you never know that these lights and jazzy things can become the players terrifying dream for a life time. The high risk that the gamblers take in case of their money is what makes them get addicted to gambling.

Getting addicted to gambling is same as getting addicted to any other thing. The high feeling that the gamblers have while playing makes them enter the depth of the game where they finally end up into that side of gambling which is entertaining but then at the same time involves great risk. This can have a very bad effect on them and may also become the most horrifying phase of their life.

Effects of addiction

The gambler can be said to be addicted to the game of gamble when he crosses the thin line of gambling for fun and playing for the high feelings that they have while gambling. They will be considered to be addicted to the game of gamble if the gambler is found playing just for the “highs”. There are a lot that are not bothered of winning and losing in the game. This addiction of the gamblers may not only destroy then but also destroy their families for sure.

Gambling can be considered one game where the families and the gamblers themselves may get devastated for not managing their money properly. This gambling addiction causes divorces, suicide, homelessness, spouse and child abuse. It also causes some other ills in the families if the addictions grow more. For instance, let us see the effect gambling has on children. The kids of the addicted gamblers are referred to as the “casino kids”. These kids are most of the times made to wait outside the casino while their parents are gambling inside the casino. In intense cases these children are left alone in the cars while their parents are gambling in the casino. The other common thing is that while these parents are in the card rooms, casinos and bingo rooms their kids are left with the baby sitters.

Changing habits

These gamblers may not even know the effect this behavior of theirs could have on their young children. It has been seen that the gambler themselves or the other dependent person both abuse the children during the times of frustration. These abuses may not be noticed most of the times because children may not say anything.

But then there are many such places that can help the gamblers. Gamblers is one such place where all the gamblers go through a rehabilitation program and they start top lead clean lives which has no addiction to gambling which was the biggest cause of devastation.
In the past decade, modern technological advances have given rise to a widespread increase in online gambling. This, in turn, has greatly elevated the number of online gambling addicts. There are a number of reasons why gambling has become so popular, but more attention needs to be paid to the growing number of addicts as well.

Joining the Mainstream

The primary reason that gambling, both online and in casinos, has grown so much is because of its increased exposure and social acceptance. Ten years ago there were very few gambling-related television programs, but now there are many. In addition to a myriad of popular poker shows like Poker After Dark and the World Series of Poker, there have also been television shows focused on blackjack and other games. Also, information and travel channels have also joined the wave, sporting reality programs that detail life inside of a casino and special travelogues about visiting popular gambling locales such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This increased television exposure has not only raised the public awareness of gambling, but has also made it more socially acceptable to participate in gambling activities. Where once the occupation of professional gambler had a negative and seedy connotation, today’s professional gamblers are seen as idols and role models. While there is nothing inherently wrong about using gambling as a form of entertainment or even as a source of income, many people are unable to draw the line and become live and online gambling addicts.

Are You Addicted?

Why is Gambling Considered To Be an Addiction | Eohbikepedplan.comIf you have found yourself spending more and more time in front of the computer to play poker or other casino games, you may have a problem. Ask yourself the following questions and you may be surprised by your own answers:

  • Have you experienced a loss of interest in activities that used to be entertaining?
  • Are you spending less time in social settings?
  • Have you asked someone for a loan for the specific reason of gambling?
  • Have you missed work due to gambling reasons?
  • Have you lied to loved ones to hide your gambling habits?
  • Do you find yourself gambling with money that you had designated for other purposes?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions, then you may have a problem. If you answered yes to two or more questions, they it is highly probable that you have some form of online gambling addiction. The disease of addiction is almost always caused by deeper reasons and addicts should address these problems as well as stop gambling to cure the problem. Simply stopping is not enough, as the deeper issues will encourage the person to return to gambling or be manifested in other ways. As a first step, online gambling addicts can install web filters on their computer that do not allow them to access gambling websites. As with any addictive problem, one helpful suggestion is to find a constructive and fun activity to take the place of gambling. This can be a new hobby or even a new pet to keep your mind away from the online casinos.